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Quotes I've been to Capones Vista 3 times in less than a year... and it feels like I'm seeing it for the first time. It's beautiful whether it be day or night, and the staff is just plain wonderful. I've been recommending the place to all my friend and co-workers. :) Quotes
R. Cruz
Capones Vista my Favorite place

Quotes It's a great place with an amazing view. Being there feels like you're in a world of your own and you can just relax. They boast 2 pools smack in the middle with a great view of the islands in the distance. They have great amenities like a heated shower, TV with cable, ACed rooms. I've recommended it to friends time and time again. The only critiques I would give though is, first, the beach itself has sudden drops and gets pretty deep with only a few steps (great for surfing during its season not so much for casual swimming, but I guess that's where the pools come in), and secondly, the staff does come off snobbish (even though their service is great their attitude leaves a lot to be desired). A bit off the beaten path but well worth the detour. Quotes
Vijay D.
Definitely a repeat experience

Quotes Its true! very nice place and sarap ng food! i wish lang sana palangiti at palabati ang mga crew : { Quotes

Quotes "We were there last Monday and Tuesday on a two days family outing, enjoyed the Family Room (#11) the Pools and the beach. Would have been better if you have small Dinghies(sail boat) or Winsurfing boards? Shoot Hundreds of photos and a wonderful 360degrees Panoramic picture in front of the Cafeteria." Bottom Line.... "A Must you should not miss when in Pundaquit!" Quotes
I.C. Nabal

Quotes Great place! very classy and yet not pricey! Quotes

Quotes I will see you soon, Capones Vista Beach Resort! I can't wait to stay in your resort. =) Quotes

Quotes I have been researching for a place to stay in Pundaquit and never saw this place in my research.saw the sign on the road and decided to look at the place,as soon as i saw the view! WOW !!! the POOL !!! i knew this is the place for us.clean rooms,reasonable price,nice accomodating staff! i really wish to stay for 1 week next time !! Quotes
ces papa

Quotes Great stuff, you hepeld me out so much! Quotes

Quotes we stay there for a one day trip for chekc it out for our next short holidays. a really nice place, quiet, good food, nice rooms. We will come back. Quotes
really nice

Quotes Great place to unwind! Love the place so much, we're planning to go back here next year. Quotes